27 of the Best Online Kitchen Cabinet Stores and Retailers (2023)

27 of the Best Online Kitchen Cabinet Stores and Retailers (1)

Welcome to our helpful resource chart of 28 of the Best Online Kitchen Cabinet Stores and Retailers!

Sometimes discovering necessitiesthrough a search engine can be difficult.With so much out there on the internet, we thought it would be helpful to make a list of some of the bestcabinetry retail sites for our readers.

The thing about cabinetry is that unless you are actively looking to buy or remodel your home, you probably aren’t really thinking about it.

When you get to a point where you might need to buy a new set, repair your old ones, or change the entire lookof your space, it can be difficult to know where to start.

To make this time in your life easier, we have put together this list of the 27 best cabinetry sites from around the web. Feel freecheck them out, and you’ll never have to worry about siftingthrough the entire internet to find the perfectstore for your needs.

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List of Online Kitchen Cabinet Retailers

27 of the Best Online Kitchen Cabinet Stores and Retailers (2)

1.Wayfair:Yes, yes and yes… Wayfair sells kitchen cabinets. Although Wayfair does not have a whole list of cabinet styles to choose from, they do offer some great services to help you set up your home interior.

They offer free shipping fororders overjust $49, as well as offering periodic clearance sales depending on the the time. They have some great selections for standing bathroom cabinets and accessories to go along with them.

2.Ikea: Ikea may be the largest interior design store in the world, with locations all across Europe and the Americas. Their website is designed well and is easy to navigate.

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Not only do they have a wide variety of cabinet styles to choose from, they have a full kitchen design that you can buy along with your cabinets, and being that they are one of the most popular interior design stores on the planet, you know that you are getting a trusted product. Check out IKEA kitchen design ideas here.

3.CliqStudios:CliqStudios.com is great because it allows you to fully design and plan for your dream kitchen, with a team of expert designers at your disposal, all free of charge. They help you to save a lot of money by building cabinets to order in their own factory, and then selling them directly to you at wholesale price.

4.Kitchencabinetkings:Kitchen Cabinet Kings is a great resource to use if you are really looking to conserve your budget. They offer a wide variety of cabinets, all for a reasonable discounted price. This site will save you from paying for over-priced name brand cabinetry from a retailer, and instead provide you with a high quality product for a lower cost.

5.Cabinets.com:Allows you to “design a kitchen” before ever making a purchase, which is a pretty usefulfeature. They specialize in making all wooden cabinets with dovetail drawers. If you are looking forrich wooden cabinetry this is a great place to check out your different options.

6.Rtacabinetstore:RTA Cabinet Store has a great welcoming page that is easy to follow and makes finding what you are looking for a breeze. They do this while also advertising promotions and downloads that would be helpful to anyone interested in interior design and home improvement.

For someone who does not know much about interior design, this is a great site to help you get organized and get started!

7.Cymax: Cymax is another site that does not offer cabinetry sets for your whole kitchen, however china cabinets, curio cabinets, linen cabinets for the bathroom, and even medicine cabinets are available.

They also have an expansive amount of interior design options and products. They have periodic promotions and discounts available as well as free shipping on thousands of products!

8.Amazon:The beauty of using Amazon is that the site itself is not a specific cabinet store, nor do they specialize in one particular area. Instead, Amazon does specialize in convenience for its customers and satisfaction once the transaction is complete.

So you know that when you use Amazon to order cabinetry, you can expect a certain level of ease when making your order. The advantages, however, also end up being a disadvantage, because you miss out on that expert advice.

9.Instockkitchens:In Stock Kitchens advertises for the lowest priced quality cabinets that you can find. They pride themselves on not only keeping quality kitchen cabinets, but selling them at a lower price than competitors.

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They are a more experienced company and have an expansive gallery of different tones and styles of cabinets to choose from.

10.Kitchencabinetdepot:Kitchen Cabinet Depot is referencedby past customers as having “above average service” from the ordering process to the installation. They have a wide variety of solid wood cabinet doors, drawer boxes, furniture grade plywood cabinet boxes, and cabinet-face frames.

11.Allwoodcabinets:All Wood Cabinets has some convenience issues with their site, being that you have to create an account on their site to be able to receive shipping quotes and other information.

Once you do create an account, this information is easily accessible. They obviously offer “all wood” cabinets, with a extensive variety of different colors and design styles to choose from.

12. Thecabinetbarn:The Cabinet Barn makes it clear that they will not be satisfied until their customer is, so they make sure to have the best customer service possible. They offer a vast and unique selection of quality all wood ready to assemble cabinets for a inexpensive price.

13. Cabinetdiy:Cabinet DIY offers a free design sample, as well as a free wood sample if you are indecisive about what kind of cabinet you want, and need a little extra evidence to base your decision on.

They have a team of designers ready to assist you- each member hasat least 5 years of experience under their belt.

14. Barkercabinets:Barker Cabinets can offer you cabinets with full overlay and frameless construction. They have confirmat screw assembly and custom sizes. With free shipping on orders over $3,000 and 5% off orders over 75,000, Barker Cabinets is sure to give you a quality product for the price.

15. Ekitchen:Offers 32 different ready to assemble cabinet styles to choose from. Once you have decided on a design style, it is easy to compare prices and find the best fit for you and your home. They have a distinguished selection of both modern and classic cabinet designs.

16. Kitchenspro:Kitchens Pro has an easy to follow three step ordering process that makes it simple to find the cabinets you want and get them on their way to you. They have a good selection of both framed and un-framed all wood cabinets to best meet the needs of a variety of customers.

17. Meikitchens:Not only does Mei Kitchens offer a unique and modern selection of cabinetry, they also feature numerous other kitchen utilities available on their site. So if you are looking for a few different items, and want to make your order all in one place, this might be the perfect site to use.

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18. Justcabinets:A misleading name, as they offer far more than “just cabinets.” However, they still feature cabinet selections from five different brands. They keep customers interested by offering a five percent discount if they can find the same cabinets advertised for less from a different company.

19. Homedepot:Shopping at Home Depot has its advantages, one of which is that they are a well known, wellestablished home improvement shopping center.

They have a wide selection of not only cabinetry, butany kind of home improvement product as well. They offer periodic sales on quality products to help you save money.

20. Bestonlinecabinets:Best Online Cabinets has a great welcoming home page, and they are equipped with all the tools necessary to assist you in every step of the cabinet buying process, from the design stage all the way to the assembly and installation.

Their site features shortcuts to viewing the most popular “top sellers”, the “best value”, and even “pre-assembled” cabinetry.

21. Kitchensonclearance:Their webpage is a little crowded, and hard to navigate. However, if you know what you are looking for and have a specific game plan, this site can be very useful, as it has some great deals for cabinets on clearance.

22. Primarybrand:By using a largenetwork of nine different cabinetry brands, Primarybrand.com is equipped with all the information and specialists to assist you with your kitchen project.

They pride themselves on being able to satisfy every budget and every lifestyle, so if you are looking for versatility, this may be the perfect site to visit.

23. Cabinetgiant:Cabinet Giant has a policy of keeping everything that they show on their site in stock, so you know you wont run into any issues trying to order a product that is not available.

They also advertise and strive for fast shipping, so you know you wont have to wait forever to receive your cabinets. They specialize in convenience and customer service, so you are most likely to have a great experience dealing with them!

24. Rtacabinethub:RTA Cabinet Hub has an absolutely huge selection of cabinetry, ranging from stark white tones to pitch black stains.

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There is a color and design style available for you here regardless of what tastes you may have. They offer free shipping on orders above $1600, so they also have some good deals available to help you save.

25. CabinetsToGo.com: CabinetsToGo.com has some heavy duty endorsers including Ty Pennington and Alison Victoria. They offer a good selection of kitchen cabinets. The website is super easy to use. Definitely worth checking out if you’re buying kitchen cabinets online.

26. Lowe’s: Lowe’s, like Home Depot, offers pretty much every home improvement product you can imagine including a huge line of cabinets. The Lowe’s website is quite good with some kitchen design software and plenty of options to choose from.

27. Solid Cabinetry:Established in 2008, SOLLiD® Cabinetry has primaryed the art of providing cabinet dealers and their customers with beautiful, high-quality cabinets at low prices…without having to assemble anything themselves.

We design, assemble, and warehouse every one of our all wood cabinets with great care in our own facility in Tempe, Arizona. We don’t use the cam and lock system common to Ready To Assemble (RTA) products… a system we believe leaves much to be desired.

Instead, SOLLiD® Cabinetry utilizes the same build process as custom cabinets, using glue and staples on every assembly.

Along with ensuring perfect assembly, our Built To Order approach enables us to provide high-quality, durable cabinets that can stand up to a lifetime of use – and look beautiful while doing it.

And because we believe that your cabinets should be uniquely you, SOLLiD offers an array of nearly 100 styles and finishes.


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