Lychee Cocktail with Raspberry Caviar (2023)

I received aCuisine R-Evolution Kit from Molecule-R to review and they are providing me with another kit for a giveaway (in the US only)! I received no monetary compensation for this post.

I celebrated The Flavor Bender’s first birthday with a fantastic cake the other day. But you know what else we need to keep this party going? You guessed it – Cocktails of course! ThisLychee Cocktail with Raspberry Caviar(starring Molecular Gastronomy) is guaranteed to blow the socks off of your guests no matter what theoccasion! It looks beyond cool and with this post you also get a chance to WIN your own Molecule-R Kit, so that you too can make food-magic happen at home!

I’m sure many of you have heard of Molecular Gastronomy before. Especially if you’re delirious about food the way I am! It used to be something that only cool kids in the food world like Heston Blumenthal (the genius behind The Fat Duck), got to play with. He is the reason why I too became familiar with it several years ago and since then I’ve been experimenting with it every chance I get. I’ve been wanting to introduce my readers to the wonders of Molecular Gastronomy for a while now. That moment has finally arrived! 🙂

So what is Molecular Gastronomy? Basically, it’s the study of chemical and physical processes that take place while cooking, how ingredients and food behave under different physical conditions such as temperature and pressure and using this knowledge to put an exciting spin on everyday food! It’s the ultimate way to play around with flavors and textures and naturally, I absolutely LOVE the idea of it and all of the possibilities that come with it!

The term Molecular Gastronomy however makes it sound intimidating and inaccessible (like Heston Blumenthal says), when it isn’t. ‘Modernist cuisine’ or ‘experimental cuisine’ also refers to basically the same idea, and if you’re someone with an adventurous streak when it comes to your food, you will no doubt love all the possibilities that this type of cuisine affords us.

I am a huge fan of Heston Blumenthal for this reason, and I know if I ever get to meet him one day, it will probablybe like that moment when my sister unexpectedly bumped into David Grohl in a bar in New Zealand. That is to say, I will be slack-jawed and hyperventilating while my body is stricken with panic all over. I love his outlook on food (Blumenthal’s, not Grohl’s) – to take something regular, something you love to eat, and then make you look at it in a completely different way. I would love to know how he thinks, how he works, but mostly just learn from the dude. If you want to see some food-magic though, check out some of Blumenthal’s videos on YouTube.

I first started playing around with molecular gastronomy when I used to live in Australia, where the resources to get the additives required were quite limited in Lismore, where I used to live.

But here in the USA, there are several places where you can get all of these additives and one such place isMolecule-R! They were super awesome in sending me one of their kits to play with and also offered another kit for a giveaway that one of my dear readers from the US (that could be YOU), can win!

For the Giveaway just scroll to the bottom! (open to US residents only) Giveaway has ended.

You can check out all of their kits online, on their website.These are the PERFECT, easy to use kits for those of you who have never tried Molecular Gastronomy before!

Here’s why you should probably start with a Molecule-R kit,

They have all kinds of kits for different purposes (Cuisine R-Evolution, Cocktail R-Evolution and many more!).

Each kit comes with specific recipes that you can use the additives for, PLUS it also teaches you how they work, so you can become creative with them too! (The kit comes with all the additives, the tools you need, a booklet & a DVD).

The beginners Cuisine R-Evolution kit that I’m using here, gives you almost EVERYTHING you need to create beautiful, imaginative creations. (Note – you do need to have an immersion blender or a GOOD high poweredblender to mix some of the additives into the solutions, PLUS I also used Xanthan gum for some of my recipes, which is an additive that you should easily be able to find in the gluten-free section at your local supermarket/grocery store, or specialty stores that sell gluten-free ingredients). Xanthan requires powerful shearing action to be blended into a liquid properly – An immersion blender or a good high powered blender will do the trick!.

Since the additives come in individual packets, you don’t have to measure out anything. You just measure out the liquid, rip the packet of the additive you require and just add it. It’s really quite brilliant and fool-proof, you will end up making a fairly large amount of caviar. So go ahead and invite your friends and family over to join in the fun! I can tell you this much, Mr K and I had the BEST TIME making these!

The one downside with these kits is that they are a little pricier than buying individual bags for different additives. That is to be expected though, because if you buy individual bags for separate additives you will have to measure things out which means you will also have to invest in a small digital scale (like a chemical scale – I have one which I bought in Australia, and it’s ONLY used for weights up to 1lb with a 0.1g accuracy). With these kits though, you don’t need to measure things out because they have all been PRE-WEIGHED for your convenience.

Let’s go over some specifics now. 🙂

With thisLychee Cocktail with Raspberry Caviar,I’m going to show you just how cool and impressive your cocktails can look and be! This is a delicious Lychee Vodka suspension that holds little Raspberry caviar pearls that burst in your mouth and flood it with raspberry flavour as you sip your cocktail! I was inspired by thisMolecular Cocktail – Cuba Libreby Molecule-R to make this one.

For this cocktail, you will be using two molecular gastronomy techniques.
1) Thickening of the lychee cocktail suspension using Xanthan Gum.
2) Basic Spherification (Sodium Alginate and Calcium Lactate) to make the raspberry caviar.

(Video) Raspberry Spherification · Alginate and Gluconolactat · Texturizers

Giveaway has ended and a winner has been chosen! Thank you for entering 🙂

So go ahead and sign up for the giveaway (unfortunately this is open to only US residents at this time), if you’d like to transform a mundane cocktail into something spectacular! I’ll be sharing with your two more, even better recipes next week, so don’t miss out on this AMAZING chance! (You can find the link for the giveaway at the bottom of this page, below the recipe).

Before I get to the recipe, just a few tips on Basic Spherification first.

For the recipe and giveaway scroll to the bottom of the post.

Spherification is caused by the reaction between Calcium molecules and Sodium alginate molecules. Calcium molecules get trapped between the Sodium alginate molecules forming a “gel layer”. There are two main types of spherification – Basic and Reverse.

In Basic Spherification,

A flavoured base with sodium alginate is dropped into a calcium lactate bath. The sodium alginate reacts with the calcium to form a gel layer.

It forms a thin membrane that bursts readily in your mouth (when served as soon as it’s prepared, or at least within 15 minutes).

The longer it’s kept without being eaten, the liquid center of these spheres becomes smaller and smaller because the gelling process continues towards the center, making it more like a chewy gel, rather than a delicate sphere that bursts in your mouth (I call this process inward gelification, to make it easier to remember). So ideally, the spheres/caviar need to consumed within 15 minutes of preparation.

This is not too time consuming, since the bath and solution are ready to be used in an hour. Reverse spherification on the other hand requires a 24 hour resting time.

This method DOES NOT WORK with acidic solutions (very low pH solutions). This can be rectified by adding another additive to neutralize the acidity (Sodium Citrate), but this is not included in the kit.

Sodium alginate is a thickener. It will thicken the solution that it’s added to. But since it’s not too soluble, it requires agitation (by means of a blender or immersion blender) to disperse and dissolve. As a result of this agitation, air bubbles will form, so you need to let it rest a little bit before being used.

It is important to use DISTILLED water, tap water may (most-likely) have free-floating Ca ions. If there is calcium in the solution that you are using to dissolve Sodium Alginate, that solution will gelify!

If you want to store the caviar, you can store it in the same solution that it was made in minus the sodium alginate. If you keep it in water, the flavour will dilute (as a result of osmosis).

Here are some info-graphics to help you understand the method.

Lychee Cocktail with Raspberry Caviar (9)

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Lychee Cocktail with Raspberry Caviar (10)

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Lychee Cocktail with Raspberry Caviar (Basic Spherification)

Author: Dini K.


Lychee Cocktail Suspension

  • 2 cans of lychee you need 400mL / 13.5 fl oz of lychee syrup
  • 300 mL Vodka
  • ¼ tsp Xanthan gum
  • Extra sugar syrup or caster sugar, if needed

Raspberry solution

  • 340 g /12 oz of Raspberries fresh or frozen (that have been thawed)
  • 4 - 6 tbsp white sugar
  • 100 ml /3.3 fl oz DISTILLED water
  • 1 packet of Sodium Alginate 2g

Calcium Lactate bath

  • 4 cups of DISTILLED water
  • 1 packet of Calcium Lactate 5g


Lychee cocktail suspension (prepare this a day ahead)

  • Drain the Lychee from the lychee can. Set the lychees aside to garnish the drink later.

  • Measure 400mL / 13.5 fl oz of the lychee syrup and mix it with the vodka.

  • Sprinkle in the Xanthan gum, and using a blender or immersion blender, blend the mix until the Xanthan gum has completely dissolved and thickened the drink. Blend it in pulses for about 3 minutes. Pour into a bottle or jug, cover and chill overnight.

To make the Raspberry Caviar solution

  • Pulse the raspberrries (using blender or immersion blender) with 6 tbsp of sugar until it's liquefied. Strain the liquid to remove the seeds.

  • Measure 150mL / 5.1 floz of the raspberry puree and mix it with 100mL / 3.3 floz of distilled water.

  • Sprinkle 1 packet of Sodium Alginate and blend it for about 10 minutes (intermittently) to completely dissolve the additive. You can use your (dry) blender or (dry) immersion blender to do this. Sodium Alginate requires agitation to dissolve, therefore the longer you go, the better it will dissolve and disperse.

  • Cover the solution and let it rest for about an hour in the fridge till you’re ready to use.

(Video) Molecular Cocktails 3 Ways I Shop Tastemade

Calcium Bath

  • In 4 cups (about 1 liter) of distilled water, sprinkle in 1 packet of Calcium Lactate and stir to dissolve. Calcium lactate is water soluble, so it can be stirred to dissolve completely.

  • Set aside for about 15 minutes (or more), covered, till you’re ready to use.


  • Set up two bowls - One for the Calcium bath and another for clean distilled water.

  • Stir the raspberry solution gently just before use, and then use the pipette (from the kit) to drop the solution into the calcium bath, one small drop at a time. Drop the solution from a height of about an inch from the surface of the calcium bath. The droplets should sink to the bottom. You can use the strainer spoon to swirl the caviar in the bath. Leave it for about 1 minute.

  • Strain the caviar out of the calcium bath (using the supplied spoon) and transfer to the water bath. Then from the water bath to the glasses that you will be serving the cocktail.

  • The caviar can be stored for about 15 minutes, after which it will completely gelify and will no longer have a liquid center.

  • Once you have about 1 - 2 tbsp of caviar in each of the glasses (1 tbsp for shot glasses), top it with the lychee cocktail suspension.

  • Serve immediately with a lychee and raspberry garnish!

Tips & Tricks

NOTE - If you don't have access to Sodium Alginate or Calcium Lactate, another awesome version of this cocktail is -

Freeze fresh raspberries. Once completely frozen, break the raspberries into drupelets. Store in the freezer until needed.
Make the lychee cocktail suspension with Xanthan Gum.
Place about 1 tbsp of the frozen drupelets in a shot glass and top up with lychee suspension and serve immediately.

“This website provides approximate nutrition information for convenience and as a courtesy only. Nutrition data is gathered primarily from the USDA Food Composition Database, whenever available, or otherwise other online calculators.”

Did you make this?Tag me on Instagram!I love seeing what you’ve made! Tag me on Instagram at @TheFlavorBender or leave me a comment & rating below.

(Video) Lychee cocktail caviar and tequila Rose.#shorts #subscribe #drinking #alcohol

(Video) How to Make a Lychee Drink : Cocktails & Mixology

And what’s the verdict on the Lychee cocktail? I LOVED it! 🙂 And I’m sure you will too! I was afraid the suspension could be a little thick – but it was NOT! It tasted very smooth, and with the raspberry caviar you get these intense pockets of flavour, when they burst in your mouth. It’s not just a cocktail, it truly is an experience.

Imagine how bowled over your guests would be when you serve these?? Best way to get the better of those hard-to-impress, grouchy guests that we all have to deal with at some point or the other! 😀

You can get a lot more informationabout the Cuisine R-Evolution Kit here, or if you want to check out more of what Molecule-R has to offer,click here.It’s the perfect gift for a beginner or a seasoned Molecular Gastronomy enthusiast!

And GOOD LUCK TO YOU FOR THE GIVEAWAY! I hope you’re as excited as I am for it! REMEMBER, I will ask a new question with every blog post next week to maximise your chances to win! 🙂 So don’t forgetto subscribe to (FREE) new posts via email, and keep checking back in. (Subscription box in the sidebar)

You can find the SECOND recipe I made using this kit – right here.

And the THIRD recipe – Black Pepper infused Spicy Margarita Spheres recipe.


Lychee Cocktail with Raspberry Caviar (14)


How do you use caviar cocktail? ›

  1. Fill your glass with ice.
  2. Add a scoop of each Cocktail Caviar flavor to the glass.
  3. Top with seltzer. Enjoy!

What is cocktail caviar made out of? ›

Cocktail Caviar is organic, edible pearls infused with flavored alcohol (vodka) that burst when bitten. It is the only signature garnish of its kind, ensuring an experience that is truly unlike anything else. Each pearl's thin outer covering is made from kelp and enhanced with naturally flavored vodka.

Does cocktail caviar have alcohol? ›

The flagship brand is Cocktail Caviar, small pop-able spheres of alcohol that will change the way you think and transform the way you drink. Cocktail Caviar is 28-proof naturally flavored vodka, whiskey, rum or wine that is encapsulated in a natural plant-based edible gel coating.

Is cocktail caviar gluten free? ›

Cocktail Caviar - #ICYMI Our all-natural bubbles of booze are vegan AND gluten-free!

What is best to drink with caviar? ›

Champagne and vodka are two of the most popular drink pairings with caviar. Others include absinthe, gin, rose, and white wine. Many Japanese dishes also feature Icelandic caviar, known as Masago (fish roe), that go exceptionally well with sake or lychee martinis.

What's the Girliest cocktail? ›

We carefully selected the most delicious and popular drink recipes for you and your girlfriends.
  • #1 Blue Hawaiian. ...
  • #2 Cosmopolitan. ...
  • #3 Mojito. ...
  • #4 Mai Tai. ...
  • #5 Margarita. ...
  • #6 Long Island Iced Tea. ...
  • #7 Lemon Drop Martini. ...
  • #8 Pina Colada. Pina Colada is your perfect transporter drink to the Bahamas.
31 Jul 2014

Is caviar good for your health? ›

High in good fat

In addition, caviar is high in omega-3 fatty acids. These good fats improve your mood and memory (among other things, they also help protect your brain cells) and are critical to components of a healthy pregnancy, maternal nutrition and infant development.

What does cocktail caviar taste like? ›

Bursting with bright, crisp flavor, Strawberry Cocktail Caviar matches the taste profiles of sweet rosés, fruit-forward beers like shandies or IPAs, and Cosmopolitans or other vodka martinis. Flavor and Color from All-Natural Sources.

Is caviar safe to eat? ›

Caviar can be a great treat as it is rich in protein and it contains a high level of a few essential vitamins and minerals. It's also easy to keep it at home to use as a quick snack as caviar preparation is simple: Spread it on crackers, use it as a salad topping, or eat it plain if you enjoy the unique, salty flavor.

Is caviar served hot or cold? ›

Caviar should definitely be served chilled but not frozen. Never keep caviar at room temperature, as this may affect caviar's true taste and aroma. Caviar should be served on a bed of crushed ice, which will help you serve and store it at the right temperature throughout your dinner and enjoy its authentic taste.

Does cocktail caviar have to be refrigerated? ›

Is it better to keep caviar gems refrigerated? While you do not need to refrigerate caviar gems—they're shelf-stable for up to a year—you may find keeping them in the refrigerator makes for a more pleasant mouthfeel and a more intense flavor.

How long does cocktail caviar last? ›

While Cocktail Caviar and Boba POPS do not expire, we recommend using them within 30 days of opening for maximum freshness, flavor, and pop.

Is cocktail caviar fish eggs? ›

Roe are essentially fish eggs. That includes eggs from salmon, trout, hackleback, bowfin, chad…etc. Caviar, however, is roe that came from a sturgeon. Regardless of where it's harvested in the world, to be considered caviar it's got to be from a sturgeon.

Is caviar good with vodka? ›

An age-old Russian tradition, the pairing of vodka and caviar is customary throughout the world of gastronomy. Like wine and cheese, they are the ideal complements to one another. Served ice cold, vodka has a subtle flavor that permits the distinctive taste of caviar to prevail.

Is caviar a dessert or appetizer? ›

This is a favorite of sushi lovers and is usually eaten as an appetizer but it also makes a great snack when served with crackers or bread sticks! Thin capellini spaghetti with caviar is a fun way to enjoy this luxurious delicacy.

What fruit goes well with caviar? ›

The most common fruit to pair with caviar is lemon. Consider serving caviar with lemon wedges and a few sprigs of fresh garden herbs. Veggie lovers can slice cucumbers, avocados, red onion or cauliflower into thin strips or circles, then garnish with small scoops of caviar for a fresh and delicate bite.

What flavors go well with caviar? ›

The main elements you will want next to your caviar are blini, lemon wedges, cheese, eggs, fruit and butter. Drinks are a different conversation. You can add many more sides, like potatoes, onions, crackers and even meats and seafood, if you want a more elaborate table.

What alcoholic drink goes with caviar? ›

Vodka. This traditional Russian pairing is perhaps the most well known – and for good reason, as vodka complements caviar perfectly.

What do classy ladies drink? ›

12 classy cocktails for a girls' night
  • Pina colada.
  • Vodka spritz.
  • Vodka and watermelon punch.
  • Peachy keen.
  • Moscow mule.
  • Espresso martini.
  • Negroni.
  • Vodka lime and soda.

What was Princess Diana's favorite cocktail? ›

In an exclusive interview on behalf of U.K. coffee retailer Coffee Friend, Chef McGrady disclosed that, although Princess Diana “wasn't a big drinker,” she was partial to the occasional Chardonnay.

Which alcohol is best for ladies? ›

Alcohol isn't a healthy choice in general, but some alcohol is better for you than others. Red wine, whiskey, tequila, and hard kombucha are healthier options than beer and sugary drinks. The CDC recommends you limit alcohol to 2 drinks a day if you're male and 1 if you're female.

Does caviar raise blood pressure? ›

The high sodium levels in some caviars can raise your blood pressure which is not so beneficial. Luckily, this is not a major issue since caviar also has a lot of potassium which lowers the blood pressure.

Is caviar good for high blood pressure? ›

Potassium. Black caviar is also a rich source of potassium. Potassium is effective in lowering blood pressure, so if you are suffering from hypertension then you might want to include plenty of caviar into your meals.

What is the side effect of caviar? ›

Side effects of Caviar

Heavy metal poisoning – Consumption of Caviar can stimulate the toxic heavy metal and mercury production in the body which can cause severe health problem however, overdosage or excess consumption can lead to this condition.

What is the best tasting caviar for beginners? ›

Siberian sturgeon roe, which you may see written as Acipenser baerii, are smaller eggs that have a stronger, oyster-like redolence of the sea. Because of this stronger flavour, it's almost always cheaper than its caviar rivals and is a decent option for a first premium caviar experience that won't bankrupt you.

Why do people eat caviar? ›

Caviar is the eggs, or roe, harvested from certain sturgeon fish. Besides being a delicacy, it's highly nutritious, providing great amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and selenium, among other vitamins and minerals — even in small serving sizes.

Is caviar sweet or salty? ›

You'll find that most caviar will have a slight saltiness accompanied by a mild fishy taste. As expected, the taste of caviar tends to resemble ocean water. Besides a mild and fresh taste, quality caviar will also have an unexpected buttery richness that delights the tastebuds.

Why do Russians eat caviar? ›

Russian fishermen learned to farm caviar as early as the 12th century and for centuries it was considered nothing more than cheap peasant food, served with porridge and eaten by the bowlful. However, once Ivan the Terrible got a taste for it, its status changed and it has remained a delicacy since.

Is caviar good for weight loss? ›

In general, caviar is not a high-calorie food. It means that caviar is a very low-calorie food that you can use to help you lose weight quicker than other alternatives available out there. Since caviar is low on carbs, it is perfect for losing weight.

Can caviar hatch in your stomach? ›

Fish eggs called roe are treated with salt and packed in tins or jars. The thing with fish eggs, and eggs in general is that they have to contain all the nutrients to propel new life. Don't worry, you are not eating little fingerlings as the eggs are not fertilized. Little fish are not going to hatch in your stomach.

What cream do you put on caviar? ›

There are many traditional garnishes to enhance the flavor as well. These include creme fraiche, sour cream, chives, lemon wedges, and red onion. Crumbled hard-boiled eggs can also enhance the flavor of caviar. Another way to add texture to every bite is to top a toast point with creme fraiche and caviar.

Why do you eat caviar with a mother of pearl spoon? ›

A Mother-of-Pearl spoon is the ideal choice for your caviar tasting. The pearl does not hold flavor, nor does it transfer it, so your caviar will hold exactly as much flavor as intended. We recommend our Mother-of-Pearl spoons for your caviar tasting.

How long does caviar last once opened? ›

Fresh unpasteurized caviar can be kept unopened in the fridge for up to four weeks. Once you open the caviar, try to eat it within 48 hours.

Should caviar be served on ice? ›

Caviar should also be served cold, so it is best to keep it refrigerated and decant it into a cold container, preferably filled over ice. You will feel its refreshing flavors, which almost clean the palate, and will make you enjoy your precious delicacy in the best way.

Does freezing caviar ruin it? ›

Can I freeze my caviar? Yes, you can freeze your caviar to extend the shelf life to about a year. However, the caviar will have slightly less flavor and a softer texture once thawed. Repeat freezes and thaws will intensify the softening of the caviar's flavor and texture.

What is the most expensive caviar? ›

The most expensive of all caviar, and indeed the world's most expensive food is 'Almas', from the Iranian Beluga fish - 1 kg (2 lb 3 oz) of this 'black gold' is regularly sold for £20,000 (then $34,500).

Do you put caviar in the fridge after you open it? ›

Chilled caviar should always be stored in a refrigerator, at about 32 F, preferably on a sealed bag of ice to maintain the ideal temperature. Whether you're storing an opened container or a sealed tin from the store, make sure to keep it in your fridge's bottom drawer (or coldest part), if necessary, on a bag of ice.

Should you rinse caviar? ›

2) How to clean caviar

Washing caviar is unnecessary, and it waters down its taste and spoil its texture.

What animal is caviar made from? ›

Sturgeon are native to both oceans and freshwater rivers, mostly above the equator. They are large, strong fish and some have been reported to reach more than ten feet in length. Caviar is made from the roe of these different breeds of sturgeon.

Why is caviar expensive? ›

Caviar on the other hand comes from farmed sturgeon. Though there are 27 different species of sturgeon, they are highly endangered (via Business Insider). The scarcity of sturgeon combined with the desirability of caviar as well as the extensive breeding and harvesting process is what makes it so expensive.

What animal egg is caviar? ›

Caviar is unfertilized fish eggs, also known as fish roe. It is a salty delicacy, served cold. True caviar comes from wild sturgeon, which belong to the Acipenseridae family.

What do Russians eat with caviar? ›

However, you should know that the accompaniment to traditional Russian caviar is bread and butter. If it is the first time you taste caviar, you can accompany it with bread, blinis, or crackers. Another way to serve caviar Russian style is to pair it with vodka, We will revisit pairing caviar with alcohol in a moment.

Do you drink vodka before or after caviar? ›

Lo recommends drinking a small glass of Beluga vodka in one go (don't go nuts, the small glass holds about a shot's worth of vodka) before tasting the caviar, because the clean taste of the spirit and the “explosiveness” of the alcohol releases the full flavour of the roe.

Which vodka is the best for caviar? ›

Some of the vodkas that pair well with caviar are Jewel of Russia Ultra-a 300-year-old vodka, Stoli, Jean Marc XO, Leopold Silver Tree Small Batch. The most effective vodka for this combination is Standard, whose neck of the bottle is surrounded by silver.

Why is caviar served on the hand? ›

It's the prescribed way of tasting caviar. A few seconds on your hand and the full flavor is brought out by warming with your body heat. The back of the hand doesn't perspire and is easier to clear off with your mouth.

Why do they call it caviar? ›

However, it was the Persians who first prepared and savored sturgeon roe- the word "caviar" actually comes from the Persian word "khav-yar" which means "cake of strength" or "cake of power", because the people of Persia attributed many medicinal powers to caviar.

Why is it called caviar? ›

The etymology of the word 'caviar' comes from the Greek 'avyron' (egg) or from the Persian 'havia' which translates as 'fish roe'. While white sturgeon was known to the seafaring populations of antiquity, the 'caviar' obtained from their eggs does not appear until the 9th century.

How do you use cocktail drops? ›

How to use:
  1. Cocktail Recipe : Ice + 60 ml + & Stirred.
  2. Cocktail Drops are a perfect cocktail Finish - a blend of Natural flavour extracts sourced from and the most flavorful, aromatic ingredients.
  3. Add 2-3 drops per drink and Enjoy.

How do you open a jar of cocktail caviar? ›

Tap the top of the lid with your metal object to purge the vacuum-like environment inside the container, and then try to pull the top and bottom apart slowly. Repeat hitting the tin and pulling it apart with your hands (gloves help) until enough air has entered the container for the two halves to slip apart.

How do you eat a seafood cocktail? ›

The shrimp in a shrimp cocktail should be served peeled and are usually small enough to be eaten in one bite. The traditional utensil is an oyster fork, although any small fork will do. If the shrimp are bigger than one bite's worth, just spear each shrimp with your fork and cut it on the plate on which it's served.

How do you eat cocktail franks? ›

There is no need to cook cocktail franks and they are just like most cold meats in that they are ready to eat as is. However, with franks it is preferable to eat them heated, so a short dip in some hot ,but not boiling water for about 2 mins would work well. Used to eat them raw all the time.

How do you feel after being spiked? ›

Common symptoms include:
  • Dizziness.
  • Difficulty in walking.
  • Confusion, especially the next day or after waking up.
  • Nausea (feeling sick) or vomiting (being sick)
  • Hallucinations (seeing things which are not there)
  • Tiredness.
  • Visual problems, for example, blurred vision.
  • Paranoia (a feeling of fear or distrust of others)

How long does a spiked drink stay in your system? ›

Following a drink spiking incident, blood or urine samples will need to be taken as soon as possible. Most drugs leave the body 12 to 72 hours after being taken. So it's important that a blood or urine sample is tested as soon as possible.

Why do bartenders shake drinks? ›

Shaking is hands down the most efficient way to simultaneously chill and dilute a cocktail—assuming you do it properly, that is. A good shake will cause the ice to rattle around violently in the shaker, cooling the surrounding liquid as it breaks down and releases water into the drink.

Are you supposed to eat the fruit in a cocktail? ›

"You're never supposed to eat the garnish. It is not there to provide you a tasty treat to go along with your drink. The drink is the treat," Maddow told The Sporkful podcast.

What should I drink while eating seafood? ›

White wine is the go-to choice for pairing with seafood. Similar to a squeeze of lemon, dry white wine adds splashes of citrus and a bit of sweetness to buttery, briny seafood.
2. White Wine
  • Chenin blanc.
  • Chardonnay.
  • Pinot grigio.
  • Sauvignon blanc.
  • Sancerre.
  • Riesling.
  • Chablis.
17 Jan 2019

Can you drink alcohol and eat seafood? ›

While there are certainly some exceptions, your best bets when pairing liquor with seafood are lighter spirits, like gin and tequila. Since both of those liquors also go well with citrus, it's easy to see why a gin and tonic with lime or a margarita would be a great complement to white fish or shrimp tacos.

Can u eat cocktail sausages Raw? ›

Dr Ramon Pink says cocktail sausages (also known as cheerios or saveloys) should be heated before they are eaten and should not be offered cold to children at butcher's shops or delicatessens.

Can you eat cocktail franks without heating? ›

Many people wonder if hot dogs are safe to eat directly from the package. Providing they've been properly handled and kept cold prior to consumption, they are safe to consume without reheating.

Are cocktail sausages Raw? ›

This product contains raw meat.


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(Benny De Bellis)
5. Lychee and Sake Martini
6. Carbonated Mojito Sphere
(Chef José Andrés)
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